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Lisa Ruffing, CPP


I am a Castle Rock, CO-based portrait photographer and a proud member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the largest nonprofit photography association organized for professional photographers over 150 years ago. I am also a member of Colorado Professional Photographers. I founded 37th Street Photography in 2003 and became a Certified Professional Photographer through PPA in October 2020. The next step is my Master of Photography degree, which I am working to obtain within the next two years.

I maintain exceptionally high standards for my portraits and boutique-style client experience. I am meticulously detail-oriented in creating beautiful and exciting images and post-production processes to deliver the highest quality finished products.

Falling in Love with the Study of Light

When I first began learning to master my photographic skills, I continually heard the phrases see the light and flat lighting. I admit that initially, it just did not click. While viewing beautiful portraiture, I realized there was a remarkable difference in master photography. However, it was difficult for me to see the light or understand why or if a portrait was flat. 

There was a turning point at which a new world of seeing the light opened up for me, and WOW! Once it sinks in and you see it, you cannot un-see it! I began studying every image in sight, whether in print or on a movie, tv, or computer screen. I was intrigued by trying to figure out the lighting patterns. 

I am often mesmerized by exceptionally well-lit scenes in movies or television programs. While admiring the quality and direction of light, I confess I occasionally momentarily lose sight of the storyline to enjoy the beautiful imagery and draw inspiration from the lighting techniques.

Professional and creative lighting allows the portrait artist to depict the illusion of a three-dimensional scene represented in a two-dimensional format making the portrait feel realistic and stand out.

This love for masterfully lit images inspires me to craft the most exciting and creative imagery that captures many dimensions of every client.

Request a complimentary consultation and begin your journey to beautiful high quality legacy artwork of yourself or loved ones.

Why Choose Lisa as your trusted family photographer



Lisa has over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer and is a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the world’s largest nonprofit photography association organized for professional photographers over 150 years ago.



Lisa is a Certified Professional Photographer which means, she has demonstrated technical competence through a written exam and photographic evaluation.


Museum Quality Products

Our products are crafted using only the highest quality materials. We use one of the top professional photographic print labs in the U.S. 



Lisa is committed to providing an outstanding client experience from your first phone call, text, or email to the beautiful finished products you will proudly display in your home. 



Lisa is passionate about her craft. She loves creating powerful images and beautiful products to celebrate milestones that bring joy from the moment of delivery and many years into the future. She takes pride in the the level of service she provides and her overall client experience. 

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